About the Band
The creative path of Lithuanian Roma band Sare Roma has already started before war and has been earning respect for its communal liveliness, ability to save their cultural identity and to cherish national and spiritual values. Since 1996 the band is led by a young and energetic leader Ištvan Kvik. Artistic collaborations with opera singers such as Judita Leitaitė initiated by him and tastefully conveyed ideas are a great reflection of Roma authenticity and a passionate spirit. Experiencing fire and joy of life during the show will leave a footprint in your heart for life.
The band has been an active participant in Lithuania’s cultural life for more than a decade. The band is a collaboration of 11 creative and young people. They are welcomed and often invited to participate in various classic, pop music projects where Sare Roma shows devotion to eternal values and above all pays a lot of attention for educational project and campaign for a good cause organization. They are active participants in social projects.
Sare Roma is a professional Lithuanian Roma band and they complement ethnic music with modern dance choreography. This band’s exclusivity is known for conquering hearts across the world – an especially wide audience is waiting for them in Russian and the West of Europe. Band’s work has been crowned by appreciation of professionals in international Roma contests around the world. The positive evaluation encourages these young talents dashingly march forward to people’s hearts.

The creative path and the international acknowledgment:
2017 April – International Roma day in theatre "Vaidila", Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 – International Roma day in Siemens Arena, 8th April
2015 – Filming a musical on LNK channel ‘Gypsy Barone’ commemorating international Roma day, 8th April
2015 – The song ‘Lietuvaitė’ has been at tops on Lietus radio for 18 weeks
2015 – The song ‘Nenaglia dnaja’ has been at tops of Ruskoje Radio for 19 weeks
2013-2015 – The musical ‘Gypsy Barone’, 78 performances in Lithuania and Latvia. Great success in 24 performances in Latvia that awe sell-outs
2014 – Sare Roma created a soundtrack for a movie that was one of the most attended in Russia
2013 – Roma day commemoration, 8th of April
2011 – Musical ‘Tabor Ascending to Heaven’, 44 performances in Lithuania
2006-2013 – TV shows and competititions: ‘Šeimos dainos’, ‘Čempiono taurė’, ‘LIetuvos Balsas’, ‘Muzikinė Kaukė’
2005- Festival ‘Цыганское подворье’, Russia
2005 – International festival in Poland (Krakow and Warsow)
2003 – Release of an album ‘Geriausios čigoniškos dainos’ with a collaboration of Lithuanian pop music stars
2003 – Release of an album ‘Taboras’ with a collaboration of Lithuanian pop music stars
2002 – II prize in an International Roma music contest in Oslo, Norway
1999 – Recording of a soundtrack for a movie ‘Čigoniška laimė’ in Lithuania’s radio and television record studio, Vilnius
1998-2004 – helping and consulting for Roma culture festival organizing
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